Saltmarsh Genealogy

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Genealogy Data

All downloadable files are in zip format in order to conserve space. You may download a evaluation unzip program from the WinZip website. Free unzip prorams are also available on the web. Versions of the files are listed below. If you need a different version, let me know and I will add it here, if I can convert it.

Genealogy Databases

These are all the same database, just in different formats for whatever you are most comfortable with. Also, they may be updated at different times. The GED2WWW files are nice for browsing but be aware that the source information is not included. The other files have this.

File Description Last Updated
Web Pages View the data in your web broswer. Now includes source data. 18 MAR 2007
Family Tree Maker 2005 1722 kB - for Family Tree Maker 2006 18 MAR 2007
Family Tree Maker 6.0 1397 kB - for FTM 6.0 & higher or for the Family Archive Viewer 18 MAR 2007
GEDCOM 5.5 557 kB - for all programs 18 MAR 2007
World Connect files HTML files on the World Connect Project 18 MAR 2007


Database Viewer

Family Archive Viewer - View Family Tree Maker files with the free viewer

Genealogy Reports

Descendants of Capt. Thomas Saltmarsh

File Description Last Updated
Descendants of Capt. Thomas Saltmarsh 1582 kB 18 MAR 2007
Descendants of Michael Saltmarsh (me) 156 kB 18 MAR 2007
Descendants of Necia (Carleton) Saltmarsh (my wife) 70 kB 18 MAR 2007


Saltmarsh Distribution - A rough estimate of which states hold the most Saltmarsh's (Updated 16 OCT 01)
Saltmarsh Migration - How the Saltmarsh's spread across the U.S. (Updated 02 SEP 01)
Saltmarsh Animated Migration Map - Animated by decades, 1760-1880 (Updated 02 SEP 01)


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Last updated: 18 MAR 2007

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